Sowle Centre
began because of a little boy ready to enter reception year in January 2011. He has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and his parents were struggling to find an appropriately stimulating learning environment for him.

boyjumpSowle Centre evolved because we quickly realised that children with various special needs could also receive quality schooling, thanks to the skills that we developed from giving quality education to children with Down Syndrome.

Our school caters for children who do not “fit” into remedial education classes as they are most conventionally classified. This is because these children may be more than two years behind in their development, but the unique environment and curriculum at our school afford the children the ability to learn through hands-on activities and play, rather than mainstream “paper-based” learning. We adapt the environment and learning styles we offer to suit each child, rather than trying to mould a child into a table and chair based environment.

Our ongoing observation-based assessment ensures that learners are constantly challenged, and progress is a focus.

Sowle Centre is an independent school and a member of ISASA. It means that we have the freedom, within the boundaries set by the South African Education Act, to provide the appropriate environment and curriculum for our children’s special needs. We intend to continue to grow the school and grow up with our children, taking them into functional adulthood.