schoolTherapy and Extra-mural activities

SOWLE Centre believes in a holistic approach to each child’s educational needs and abilities. Therefore occupational therapy, speech therapy and extra-mural activities plays an important role as part of what we offer. Although our Therapists are not SOWLE employed and have their own practices, we have well-established, cross-functional and integrated relationships between Therapists, Educators and Parents. Feedback is offered after sessions on how, as Educators,we can implement therapies into our daily activities and routines, ensuring continuous, therapy-orientated learning throughout the course of the day. Parents can however continue with outside Therapists but it should be under the provisor that feedback and information sharing will be allowed between the school and outside Therapists.

Therapy is scheduled during the normal school day from Monday-Thursday.

Extra-Mural activities we offer:

Extra Art lessons


General Fitness / Sport / Athletics



Guitar (at an additional cost)

Vocal (at an additional cost)


Our Three-Step process has been established to ensure the best fit between the school, parents and learners in order to provide the best possible educational solution for our special needs children.

Parents / Guardian information session:

Parents / guardians will meet the school to share as much possible information and background on both the prospective learner as well as to inform the parents more about the school, what we offer, our curriculum and environment.

Two Day Assessment:
The prospective learner will spend two school days at the school where he/she will be integrated into the class environment. During these two days he/she will also be assessed by our Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist.

After the two day assessment, feedback will be given to the parents / guardians as to the suitability of the prospective learner. Should the learner not be a suitable candidate for acceptance, the parents will be referred to other suitable options and schools. On the other hand, if the learner is suitable, the formal enrolment process can start.

The following criteria is applicable to learners that we would consider for enrolment at SOWLE Centre:
• Comply with the Christian ethos of the school
• Aged 4 upwards
• Fully toilet independant
• Mobile (independently mobile without assisting devices)
• A level of independence to access the environment must be present.
• Attend therapies as suggested
• Visit specialists as recommended
• Cognitively delayed two years or more
• Full support from family and parents towards the progress of the learner